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  • 1 kilo will give you 12 delicious home size muffins to set you up for the week.

  • Make guilt free mini bites

    Cute muffin will perfectly satisfy your sweet curving during the day.

  • Perfect snack on the go

    Fresh breakfast daily

    Your get together reason

We are Lilima makers, 2 women who came from Iran, where sharing food and dessert around the table is a cherished tradition, regardless of financial or social status. Our dream is to bring this heartfelt culture into your homes and be part of your happiest memories. Sharing is caring, and we're honored to share our gift with you by inviting your loved ones for a cup of coffee paired with our homemade delights, crafted with love. This is just the start of our journey together!

The Best Snack On The Go

Fast and Easy, But Fresh and Healthy!